Who We Are

We are a team that consists of people who are experienced on their own fields.

Each one of us are literature, game and computer experts who have more than 20 years of experience on our own respective fields.

Our Way

As Beşinci Kural, we belive the most quality works are possible by enjoying that work.

On this road which we chase our dream, concept of enjojing to be in it is our most important mainstay. We are constantly working to do our job in a most enjoyable, therefore most efficient way.

We can also make your business enjoyable for you and ensure the increase of your productivity.

Our Path

As Beşinci Kural Inc. our responsibility is to help individuals and corporates to develop a right approach to the concept of game. Our main occupation is developing games that are fun, but also embodying lasting benefits.

We are developing technologies that will make games be used on the fields of evaluation and assessment. Therefore we are ensuring games to gain their hictorical functionality on development of the societies back.

Through the game contents we develop, we are pioneering the reenforcement of the bonds between the game and the art, giving new means to the society for expressing itself.

The roads we are trying to overcome are tough and troublesome, but we believe it'll be worth every moment of it.

Hoping to work with you.