Beşinci Kural desings detailed game world contructs which carries the games to the masses and gets commitment from both the gamers and non-gamers alike. The game world constructs we design create lasting experiences by combining with the game mechanincs.

A catchy game experience constitutes the first step of a sustainable game ecosystem. Making the masses to buy not just a game but every other game, book, film, product which gives the same feeling, is only possible by a game contruct which has been designed properly.

A valued game construct, is the sole component for your investment to get the highest profit by the highest user satisfaction. Thanks to this, a scalable and sustainable game emerges. Providing this is a duty for Beşinci Kural, before anything else.

We can give shapes to your dreams which you didn't thought of, or we can dream everything for you from the start. We create a consistency in itself while we are doing it. Therefore the dreams can become legends in the heart of the masses.

Our craft is to shape the dreams.