Writing has been the strongest way to transfer the ideas for ages. As a corporate, keeping what the populations will understand from the text under control is more important than everything when using a strong tool as the writing. A text's worst fate would be to get misunderstood.

Beşinci Kural, has been established by the individuals whom each one of them are writers on different levels and fields. We can answer your literary needs in diverse fields from writing brand identity, product and service presantation text, stories that invoke feelings; to integrated game world constructs.

We can create intricate and detailed intellectual property product like a game world construct from scratch for you. Besides that, we can rewrite the game constructs you wrote in a way which it can be more effective on the masses.

We weave the contructs like brand identity which finds meaning by it's story an it's feeling word by word. This way, we can bring you together with the masses by creating easy, understandable, meaningful and effective communication.

In each of our writings we aim to transfer the right feeling and informations to the masses while we are shaping the concepts. When it's used correctly, writing is the most effective tool to carry you to the hearts of the masses.

Your thoughts echo in our writings.