Aspects of free and open source softwares are the inseparable parts of today's informatics world. Beşinci Kural may help you benefit from the develepments on the field of free and open source softwares.

By publishing the base parts of the products that we have manufactured as free and open source, we are also testing our development quality while serving the humanity. This big challange is a constant struggle that keeps us vigorous and vigilant on the subject of software.

Benefits of Libre Software

Reliability of libre softwares is proven by the time. Since the right of examining and changing the software code has been given to all people, there are much more people are at hand than a limited team to find the errors and report them. As the result of that, the errors get detected and solved quickly. And this makes libre softwares extremely safe products.

Fast softwares are generally free softwares. Since the unnecessary parts can be removed by both the developers and the users, there will be no need to use excessive amounts of resource and time. It does not tire and wear out the hardwares and budgets.

Durability of libre software is under guarantee due to it's global constant usage and feedbacks by many people.

Transparency of libre software offers a complete control on what is happening inside the hardware to the end users while they are executing the software. You can focus to your business without having to deal with spywares and harmful softwares.

Adaptiveness is required to overcome periods of turmoil of the business world, that is the time when libre software offers a wide range of maneuverability. It saves you from the situations which threatens your business like price dependency to the software vendors or removal of the product from the market just for the increasing of the sale of the new version.

Gratis offered libre software does not cause any expense other than it's enhancement and operation.