Beşinci Kural can produce anything that provides the monitoring of the data and can offer the services of their maintenance and support. If you can not find the software infrastructure that you need, we design and develop it for you.

Beşinci Kural, creates original softwares which increase the productivity of your employees by adapting the business culture of your firm to the software.

We have the accumulated knowledge on softwares of e-commerce, ERP, CRM, pre-accountancy solutions and their installation. Planning and execution of the payment integrations are also among the services we provide.

Constructs we design and execute fulfill the tasks of collecting, filtering, processing, producing and distributing the data efficiently and swiftly.

By providing easy access to the experiences, we enable the opportunity of working fast for your team and quicken your firm. We ease the increase of your firm's profitability in your respective industry.

Do not let your business drown in softwares which are not suitable to you.