Beşinci Kural approaches the concept of gamification as a process and produces designs that touches the humans and includes them to the process.

Gamification of the processes is more than just assigning a prize for every action. The important thing is, making the participants attend to the process for enjoying the process itself, not for the prizes.

Besides, gamification also have to provide solutiuons to the problems like balance, justice and sustainability which are present since the beginning of the humanity.

Unlike the general understanding, Beşinci Kural approaches the gamification as not what is being gained from the individual, but what is being contributed to that individual. This side of us is the one which carries us a step ahead of others.

Instead of chasing the carrot, we disguise the job as carrot farming. This approach reveals the educational power of the gamification.

Customer welcoming processes, in-company trainings and evaluation-assessment applications are the most effectively applicable areas for the gamification.

Beşinci Kural is able to present it's gamification solutions in the forms of computer games, mobile games and board games. Technology is only the transmitter for gamification solutions.

Right gamification is the beginning of your superiority on training and production.