Beşinci Kural services on fields of game production and gamification. It's main expertise is on development of fun games which have lasting benefits.

In today's world where business life and personal life intertwines, homes become workplaces and workplaces become homes and public areas. As the result of this, games are also moving to the workplaces like work moves to the homes.

Each passing day, the notions of game flow and game design getting more and more important for the processes of gamification, vocational trainings and also evaluation and assessment.

For answering the needs of present day world, we are producing ideas and products throughout every artistics and mathematical and technical stage of the game design.

As Beşinci Kural, we are not just producing technologies that allows quick and efficient development for the games, we are also creating the infrastructures that are used on keeping track of effiency of the games inside the evaluation and assessment processes.

We are increasing the usage and effectiveness of the games on every field.