Integrating the education and game, is a duty for Beşinci Kural. Thanks to the Event Flow Contruction Game Engine (OAKOM) which we have developed, we are providing solutions in the form of narration games for educational fields.

By creating contents specific to your firm in our game and gamification solutions that we provide for educational purposes, we reinforce your corporate culture.

We can also provide fast, constant maintenance and development for your education contents while they are changing. Therefore, thanks to your ever fresh educational contents, your team always knows what to do and how to do it.

Your educated and productive team that works as a single unit, carries you to the success.


Event Flow Contruction Game Engine (OAKOM) which we have developed, is one the projects which have been granted funding as part of TÜBİTAK 1512 program.

Thanks to OAKOM system, we are able to produce the simulation, gamification and vocational training products for your firm much faster, extensive and target oriented than any other examples and substitutions on the market.


TARB is the measurement and evaluation component of the OAKOM system. It ensures the fast detection of the effectiveness of the education contents on the target population and their failing parts. Therefore, the contents and game flows can be rearranged and new contents which are more appropriate for the learning structure of the target population can be formed.